Due to our concern for the dangers employees face when driving, we pledge to continue to improve work-related road safety.

Interactive Driving SystemsŪ is proud to have signed the European Road Safety Charter.

Over the coming three years (2006-2009), we will work on a voluntary basis with UK-based road safety charities such as Brake, the Association of Industrial Road Safety Officers (AIRSO) and Roadsafe to promote work-related road safety through research, management development, publicity and local community initiatives.

We will continue to publish all our findings and make the information available to interested parties. Over the last two years, such initiatives and messages have reached over 100,000 people, and we would expect this same level of exposure over the next three years.

We believe there is a great need to engage more large corporate organisations in community road safety processes. Though our use of the Haddon Matrix as a framework for work-related road safety, we will encourage them to take part in community level activities, develop family member programmes and work closely with road safety charities such as Brake. With one large UK client, its family member programme has the potential to touch 250,000 people with its road safety messages.

As the European Road Safety Charter needs to be better promoted amongst our major corporate clients, we pledge, over the coming three years (2006-2009), to disseminate it via all of our communication channels, including websites, presentations and newsletters. We have hundreds of client websites all around the world, we do over 100 client and industry presentations each year and our industry newsletter goes out at least quarterly to over 5,000 direct contacts, plus many more through cascades. We can promote our involvement in the Charter through all these channels.

Throughout our commitment period (2006-2009) and beyond we will improve the travel safety of our own employees and thus lead by example by risk-managing their travel safety. We have recently amended our contracts of employment to include employee travel safety. Over the coming months, we will review our employee travel survey (last undertaken in 2003). At present, over half our staff members choose not to drive to work - thus minimising their risks of being involved in a vehicle collision.

As an internet-based organisation, we are also at the forefront of electronic communications, and will continue to encourage our fleet clients to minimise their need to use the road as much as possible. We will also continue to encourage employees to minimise their travel and to use the safest travel options possible when they do have to make journeys.

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