McCain program chips away at site safety risks
This case is based on McCain's implementation of Virtual Risk Manager - Forklift Truck (VRM-FLT) to support existing Site Safety initiatives through an online program of operator risk assessment, monitoring and improvement. It sets out the Background; Action Taken; and, Results.


McCain has for many years recognised the importance of Site Safety for a range of societal, legal, business and cost-based reasons, which is why the company has invested heavily in a range management initiatives including its 'Yellow Book', Standard Operating Procedures, Auditing, Induction, Training, OHS policy, Employee handbook, and Operator wellbeing and medical procedures. To support this, McCain identified the potential of VRM-FLT to enhance our operator risk assessment, monitoring and improvement through its online modules and supporting management information.

Action Taken

McCain trialed, evaluated, developed invested in and rolled-out VRM-FLT at its main UK site. To date, 65 operators have completed online Pledge and Risk Foundation modules written to reinforce company safety culture. These 65 operators have also completed online risk assessments covering their risk exposures and attitude, behavior, knowledge and hazard perception. In total this represents about 2 hours of training time per operator. From this process, about half of the operators have also completed one or more 30 minute online continuation training modules called RiskCOACH targeting the specific risks identified. At risk operators are being targeted with refresher training, with a timetable in place to engage the remaining operators, and to make further use of the outcomes data to identify and deliver other targeted interventions at the greatest areas of risk.


McCain's VRM-FLT process and outcomes data, predictive validity analysis and user feedback have all been positive. This means that operators and managers have mostly bought into the process, and that statistically it can predict with who and where its risk factors lie. Due to McCain's long term culture of Site Safety, damage and cost data is minimal, but in the last year the company has seen a reduction of FLT operator audit deviations of 18.3%, service department having 7.5% less FLT-damage incidents and truck downtime savings of 2.2%.

As a result of this program of work, McCain received the FLTA Safe Site Award 2012, more details of which can be seen on our awards page.

It was also written up as the following paper:
Murray W, Sumpton P & Ellison D. A chip off the old block. Award winning site safety: McCain Foods Case Study. Logistics Focus. March 2013. Volume 15 (3), P56-60.
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