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31st October 2012

Interactive Driving Systems works across the globe with clients and partners on shaping attitudes and behaviours in the fleet sector towards better, safer and more fuel efficient travel choices. This is achieved through the application of Virtual Risk Manager (known as VRM) with a range of car, van, truck, bus, motorcycle, forklift and other fleets. Our focus is on organisational leadership and process improvement, injury and asset damage reduction, reducing whole of life costs and compliance against corporate, safety and other standards.

Based on our research and experience people's actions are expressions of their attitude, behaviour, personal choices and the organisational culture in which they work. This means that safety initiatives must ensure that policies and processes support and encourage the creation of a 'crash free culture'. This approach provides every opportunity for people travelling for work purposes to demonstrate the correct attitude, make the right personal choices and behave in the best way. Informed, and proactive, leadership is fundamental.

With over a million active fleet drivers and their managers securely registered on VRM, in 60+ countries and 35 languages, we have a strong and sustained track record over the last 20 years in supporting such leadership from our offices in the USA, UK, Mexico and Poland, as well as partner offices in a further 35 countries.

We help our clients and partners build this culture into their operating 'DNA'. VRM puts the most pertinent information in front of managers 24 / 7 / 365 in a secure online environment so they can see risk assessment, training, incident, collision, licence, telematics, fuel and other data integrated to identify and support their most 'at-risk' drivers.

Many organisations have fantastic policies and standards in place. VRM helps bring them to life, ensuring they are reinforced and understood across the organisation. Most organisations have good data, but it is often fragmented and managed by different people. VRM integrates all this data into one system, typically providing an understanding of the total risk picture across the organisation for the first time. This process facilitates benchmarking, and helps bring together a driver safety committee including key representatives from leadership, fleet, health & safety and risk to analyse and improve performance.

VRM dynamically identifies whether a driver, team or organisation is improving, declining or static. Based on this understanding, targeted information and interventions are sent to drivers and their managers as required to influence their attitude and travel choices. This is achieved through a range of communication channels, including a large library of interactive online modules and through prompts for face to face engagement and on-going leadership.

VRM also provides behaviour-based, plug and play, telematics targeted towards the most at-risk drivers on the basis of need. Drivers receive direct and immediate feedback via audio alerts on their hard braking, acceleration, steering, idling, speeding and other behaviours while at the same time 'aggressive driving per mile driven' data is integrated with the driver's risk assessment, collision licence check, fuel and other performance data.

Proactive leadership by influencing groups to achieve common goals is key to creating a crash free culture, driving the management of behaviour change and ensuring people travel safely. This is reflected in the sustained success of our clients and partners. As an example, the fleets in our UK 'Fleet Safety Benchmarking' program, representing approximately 170,000 drivers and 80,000 vehicles, have saved more than £11 million in direct collision costs over the last three years through claim rate and cost per vehicle reductions. Our clients and partners also regularly receive external recognition for their programs.

To find out more, contact us, share our research and case studies, set up a pilot study using Virtual Risk Manager or benchmark your fleet safety performance against 1,000+ other organisations.

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