eDriving reaches several milestones on route to improved driver safety
11th June 2013

West Yorkshire based eDriving, a globally recognised provider of corporate solutions for managing driver safety, recently celebrated several important milestones:

  • 20 years in business from our base in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
  • Risk assessing British Telecommunications' 100,000th driver in an industry leading program that has helped BT significantly reduce its collisions and road safety costs over the last 12 years.
  • Completed our 5th year, and recent purchase of our European HQ in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
  • 15th year of our global partnerships with Zurich Financial Services Risk Engineering and the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

In recognition of these milestones, eDriving hosted a celebratory event to mark the occasion.
Special guests included: (From left to right)

  • Steve  –  The Mayor's Attendant.
  • Steve Stock  –  Zurich Financial Services, Head of Global Corporate Motor Underwriting.
  • Lorraine Nosworthy  –  Institute of Advanced Motorists, Key Account Manager.
  • Andy Bolton  –  Institute of Advanced Motorists, Regional Operations Manager.
  • Lindsay Randall  –  ASDA Grocery Home Shopping, Compliance Manager.
  • Jacqui Gedman  –  Kirklees Council, Director for Economy, Skills and the Environment.
  • Councillor Cath Harris  –  Local Bradley Ward Councillor.
  • Richard Coteau  –  Brake the road safety charity, Head of Corporate Fundraising.
  • Dave Wallington  –  BT, Group Safety Advisor.
  • Colin Bamford  –  University of Huddersfield, Professor of Transport and Logistics.
  • Andy Cuerden  –  eDriving, Managing Director.
  • Andy Carter  –  eDriving, Key Account Manager.
  • Councillor Martyn Bolt  –  Mayor of Kirklees Council.
  • Julie Farmer  –  JDF Writing.
  • Dr Will Murray  –  eDriving, Research Director.

As well as the ceremonial ribbon cutting to mark the occasion, three short presentations were led by eDriving' Managing Director, Andy Cuerden, who after acknowledging the whole team at eDriving for their hard work and dedication over the last 20 years, said that: "Using the road is the most dangerous activity that most people engage in, with approximately 1.3 million road fatalities around the globe each year. It is against this background that we are proud to support client and partner organisations in over 70 countries whose employees are required to drive for work purposes. To date, well over 1 million drivers and their managers have been engaged in road safety programs in 45 languages through Virtual Risk Manager."

Dave Wallington, BT's Group Safety Advisor said: "Our 12+ year partnership with eDriving has to date engaged more than 100,000 drivers, being the 'glue' behind the processes that have helped us cut our collision rate from 59 per thousand vehicles to 27 and reduced our annual vehicle damage costs from £25 to £10 million. In addition to the significant reductions in injuries to our employees, our driver safety program has also generated a PhD, 2 Masters and 10+ research papers and has significantly enhanced our brand and reputation. As a result, we are consulted on road safety matters by many other organisations and government agencies across the world."

Mayor of Kirklees Councillor Martyn Bolt, himself a keen cyclist, and well aware of the risks faced by vulnerable road users said: "Over many years, Kirklees Council has a strong track record in the road safety arena, through its proactive and pioneering involvement in the National Driver Improvement Scheme. It's great to see a Huddersfield based company succeeding, creating highly skilled jobs, and collaborating with local institutions such as the University of Huddersfield to develop and export an important road safety service for organisations in the UK, the EU and around the globe."

Plans are in place to continue the company's success with investments in new management leadership tools as well as technology, such as plug and play behaviour based telematics and targeted online coaching modules, to further help managers and drivers address potentially dangerous 'habits', that could prevent them returning safely to their loved ones and communities at the end of each work day. From offices in the UK, USA, Mexico, Poland, Holland, New Zealand and our newest location in Brazil, eDriving is looking forward to continuing our mission and celebrating our Silver Jubilee in 2018.

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