IDS revises its research, guidance and coaching on minimising 'Hit While Parked' collision
17th February 2014

Hit while parked collisions cost the global fleet and motor insurance industry significant amounts of time and money. For this reason we have undertaken a great deal of research, and produced a detailed guidance on the issue called: Reducing 'hit while parked' and 'driver unknown' incidents.

The 'hit while parked event type is very common, running at 38% of all collisions in one typical fleet we are currently working with. Such incidents are notoriously difficult to manage and in many previous cases we have been involved in high amounts of ‘damage while parked' incidents have normally been a symptom of several factors, including:

  • Telephone-based reporting systems, where it is easier for drivers to be selective with the truth or lose their memory about what actually happened. Telephone-based reporting has many advantages, but needs to be managed effectively, and staffed by appropriately experienced and trained people - who ask the correct questions and are diligent in entering / coding the data.
  • Limited control over the risk management of the fleet, particularly the lack of any investigation process after collisions. Post incident investigation, even for low cost minor incidents, should not be neglected by the line managers of fleet drivers.
  • Poor parking skills and or depot / site / car park layouts. Many driver training programs still appear to overlook low speed manoeuvring, and few of the fleet managers who attend our programs undertake the type of systematic risk assessments of their key sites that we would advocate.
  • Poorly thought out and badly managed driver incentive systems that discourage honest collision reporting.
  • Inappropriate vehicle selection and scheduling decisions, where vehicles that are too large for the job - or to be effectively parked.
  • Limited coaching on how to avoid Hit while parked event and on the importance of honesty in collision reporting.

For this reason our research and guidance document on Reducing 'hit while parked' and 'driver unknown' incidents focuses on the following areas:

  • Obtaining the facts to get good data, which allows targeted policies, procedures, coaching, education, appropriate vehicle selection and journey / site risk assessment.
  • The financial and other implications of Hit while parked claims.
  • Accurate data, which is vital for selecting the correct type of management, driver, vehicle or site-based interventions.
  • Policies, coaching and communications to allow for genuine cases, but also ensure drivers are not better off by miss-reporting.
  • DriverINDEXING, OneToOnes and a specific online RiskCOACH module on Hit while parked collisions built into Virtual Risk Manager to allow the risks to be targeted in an effective way.
  • Details of how Hit while parked events were reduced by 38% over a 5 month period following application of the RiskCOACH module by a large car and van fleet with almost 4,000 drivers.

A free copy of the research and guidance document Reducing Hit while parked and driver unknown incidents is available by emailing:

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