VRM Latest system developments 2014
19th November 2014

Virtual Risk Manager (VRM) is in a constant state of development as we enhance the system and good practices for all our clients and partners, with the following developments so far during 2014.

Within VRM the DriverINDEX has been further enhanced to include telemetry, claims, fines, tachograph, licence, vehicle, injury and other data to build up a complete picture. See www.virtualriskmanager.net/driverindex

VRM Coach (www.virtualriskmanager.net/coach) was developed to provide instant feedback to drivers and effective risk-based management information for decision making. VRM can take data from any telemetry supplier if the equipment is already installed, or we can provide plug and play devices for use in the vehicles of the most-at risk drivers requiring support.

New online RiskCOACH modules launched
RiskCOACH are short, sharp, targeted online coaching interventions to help build up awareness of subject specific good practice. Each RiskCOACH starts with a good practice overview to set the scene, followed by 15 interactive scenarios to reinforce the behaviours critical to driver safety.

RiskCOACH modules are available covering: Driver Attitude; Avoiding Damage While Parked; Bad Weather; Blind Spots; Driving While Distracted; Eco Driving; Fatigue; Speeding; Act Now for people involved in multiple collisions; Drink / Drug driving; Road Rage; Concentration; Zero for drivers never involved in a collision, Decision Making; Sharing the Road; Avoiding Rear End Collisions; Lane Changes and, Rural Road Safety.

Guides section expanded
In support of these RiskCOACH and other modules, Virtual Risk Manager provides a range of in-built company specific, management and driver level guides within the system. The library of guides continues to expand across many key topics. The guides are designed to be easily downloaded to support both managers and drivers, and also to link participants to key organisational processes and requirements.

Training completions data
The external training completions data in VRM has been improved, to include training allocated date to allow better management of trainees with pending courses.

VRM Analytics and Comparative Statistics
Further comparative benchmarking statistics have been developed in the MIS focusing on both module compliance and risk factors. Our new and evolving VRM Analytics and DriverINDEX Compare reports provide instant MIS access to such process and outcomes data at all levels for our clients and partners.

MVR / DVLA checks process and MIS enhancement
Our MVR checking service in the USA and DVLA licence checking service in the UK continues to evolve including the following recent enhancements:

  • Expiry data & reports further developed to add visibility around compliance and driving entitlements.
  • Comparative statistics built into system across all organisational levels.
  • Several new push reports and alerts developed based on client specific requirement.
  • E-Consent element of system enhanced and evolved.

Management coaching available
Our research with Loughborough University (www.virtualriskmanager.net/research) shows a clear link between managers and the road safety of their teams. This confirms our long held experience that management coaching and leadership are particularly important. With a range of clients including BT, Nestle, E.ON, ASDA and others we have been running interactive sessions focusing on good practice, engaging process, coaching at-risk drivers and maximising the benefits of using Virtual Risk Manager.

Three freely available leadership films are also available in English and Spanish to coach managers in undertaking OneToOnes with at-risk drivers, and focusing on the importance of work-related road safety. See the right hand side of the page at www.virtualriskmanager.net

Secure Single Sign On (SSSO) protocols further enhanced
We have partnered with an increasing number of clients to put in place Secure Single Sign On (SSSO) protocols to allow easier, more secure access to Virtual Risk Manager for both drivers and managers. This brings many benefits including easier and more secure direct access to the online modules and management information, while cutting password errors, log-in times and manual / paper-based processes.

For a demonstration of any of these developments, please speak to your normal Interactive Driving Systems account or support manager. Alternatively you can email us via support@virtualriskmanager.net or contact us via www.virtualriskmanager.net/contact

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