World Rescue Organisation leads post collision response to help prevent road deaths
7th September 2015

Despite ever-improving prevention efforts, globally approximately 1.2 million people die as a result of road collisions and over 50 million are injured each year. Effective action in the immediate period after a collision, often called the 'Golden Hour', is critical in helping protect the lives of victims. For this reason, the United Nations included 'Post Collision Response' as one of five key pillars in the Decade of Action for Road Safety. In this context, the role of the World Rescue Organisation is vital.

The ability to keep victims alive and reduce secondary injuries post-collision depends on getting the appropriate resources, people and equipment to the incident without delay, minimising time on scene and getting injured people to hospital as soon as possible. As first responders, firefighters play a key role in this life-saving process.

Better understanding of the requirement to increase responsiveness to emergencies and improve the ability of healthcare systems to provide appropriate emergency treatment has mobilised many organisations, including the World Rescue Organisation (WRO) and members who have worked hard to promote an effective post-collision capability in a number of countries.

According to WRO chair Steve Apter: 'The benefits of combined rescue and medical care are well recognised and in order to continue our charitable work we must strive to look for new partners and supporters.'

Established in 1999, WRO's vision is to disseminate emergency rescue and medical techniques, practices and procedures to aid the effective management of road collisions and the care of those involved. WRO supports the development of national bodies, focussing on the Rescue Challenge concept and the production of training programmes and initiatives that assist rescue and medical crews working in the post-collision environment.

Ed Dubens, CEO at Interactive Driving Systems, said: 'Our focus at IDS is on collision prevention, but we understand that when things go wrong an effective timely response is vital. We first came across WRO through our work with Nestlé and Zurich at the 'Roads Between Us' event in Ghana, and were delighted to be asked to help support and raise the profile of their life-saving rescue and medical work.'

WRO and its members currently focus on four main areas:

  1. The development of rescue organisations and the Rescue Challenge concept within countries and globally.
  2. The provision of training, best practice and expertise.
  3. Forging partnerships with national and international organisations with similar goals.
  4. Securing funding, and other support - including locally sourced vehicles - to enhance its work.

World Rescue Organisation is a valued member of the Global Road Safety Partnership, whose CEO Dr Barry Watson said: "Together, we have a shared vision of reducing the global burden of road trauma, particularly in low and middle income countries. To achieve this, we not only need to promote road crash prevention efforts but also enhance post-crash response services around the world. Through their expertise in post-crash rescue and trauma care, the World Rescue Organisation plays a vital role in enhancing standards and building capability among rescue and trauma care professionals".

WRO member organisations include the United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Luxemburg, Republic of Ireland, Ghana, Brazil, South America, Portugal, Romania and Russia.

More information is available:



Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the World Rescue Organisation?

We are a registered charity made up of volunteers from emergency service personnel, dedicated to the development and improvement of standards in post collision rescue and trauma care. Since 1999 we have grown to include 15 member organisations around the world, all of whom are voluntary and registered charities. We are a member of the Global Road Safety Partnership and the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration.


What does the World Rescue Organisation do?

We utilise a combination of the Rescue Challenge concept and the development of international fire, rescue and medical staff to disseminate knowledge and expertise in collision and medical rescue.

Our World Rescue Challenge assesses emergency crews performing in staged incident scenarios focusing on internationally recognised standards. This aids the development of best practice for post-collision rescue and care - promoting standardised, safe, casualty centred post-collision systems globally.

Each year a member organisation hosts a World Rescue Challenge where crews from around the world participate. This year it takes place in Portugal. Future events are planned for Brazil, Romania and South Africa.


What support is required by the World Rescue Organisation?

We require a certain amount of funds to operate. This is in-part generated through sponsorship and World Rescue Challenge participation fees. Further support and funding is required to:

  • Organise and manage national and international challenges.
  • Provide assistance to our colleagues in more remote and less wealthy locations around the world.
  • Network and promote our work and its benefits.
  • Develop our event logistics, particularly the supply of old cars and other vehicles for the challenge events.


How can we find out more about, and offer our support to, the World Rescue Organisation?

More information can be found on our website at:

Contact our secretary Cameron Black by email: or phone: 07976620522

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