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If a fire broke out in your office, workshop or factory today, would EVERYONE know what to do and could you demonstrate your 'duty of care' obligations?

Virtual Risk Manager - FIRE will help businesses of any size protect the lives of their employees and potentially improve their fire grading. The average cost of building fires to US industry over the last ten years is $2.8 billion per year.

Most individuals know very little about what to do in a fire, let alone precautionary steps they could take to prevent it from happening. Most workplace fires have a severe impact on a business, regardless of whether or not it is adequately insured for property and business interruption. Commonly, the fire leads to a reduction in sales and job losses. In worst case scenarios, it deals a death blow to the business or tragically cuts short the life of one or more employees.

Zurich Risk Engineering and IDS Multimedia have created a state-of-the-art package to help businesses reduce their risk of fire and comprehensively train their employees on prevention techniques and safe emergency procedures.

If there was a fire at your business today and your employees were involved, would you be able to demonstrate your duty-of-care to investigators? FIRE provides you with access to your training and workplace risk assessment records at the click of a mouse. What's more, will your fire safety systems stack up favorably in the eyes of your insurer? Not surprisingly, Zurich rates 'FIRE' very highly, so implementing the system may help also improve your 'fire grading'.


Virtual Risk Manager - FIRE provides clients with a comprehensive set of tools designed to achieve a number of objectives.

1. Review and analyze your organizations workplace risk profiles. A simple questionnaire enables clients to gather and record all the key information they need to establish their most 'at-risk' physical locations for both compliance as well as insurance purposes.

2. Deliver state-of-the-art fire prevention training to all employees in a cost effective manner. Interactive modules include:

- The Fire Triangle.

- I Smell Smoke, Part 1: Classes of fire, effective evacuation and fire prevention.

- I Smell Smoke, Part 2: Effective use of extinguishers, hose reels, fire blankets and the Fire Department.

- Preventing Arson Fires.

- Preventing Electrical Fires.

- Preventing Hot Work Fires.

- Knowledge Checks on all modules.

3. Establish, maintain and monitor fire safety training records on all the training delivered.


For more information on Virtual Risk Manager - FIRE contact your local Zurich Services Corporation representative.


Please contact your Zurich or IDS representative to arrange access to the full demonstration program.

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